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    Steam Name: SuperChicken962™ (Butter 2),

    Gender – Male

    Age – 13

    Steam Id: STEAM_0:0:84410303

    About Myself – I love coming onto froth and transits servers because i always know im gonna have fun. I am a fun person to be around, i am not a person who speaks with a mic though but i still chat and stay nice. I have been playing for a while and have really enjoyed my time playing on the server, I also keep swearing to an appropriate limit.

    Time Played on the servers –
    Deathrun – 58.4 Hours
    Freak Fortress 2 – 10.92 hours

    Why I think i should be on the team – I think i would be a good staff memember on the team because i deal with situations well, I am nice to everyone that plays on the server and i remind everyone once in a while about the rules and to not suicide as death.

    Traits / Skills other staff dont have – I do come on alot during the holidays and on the weekends unlike alot of staff that only come on a little bit.

    Staff Recomendations –

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    Howdy super chicken (I’m not admin/mid so my opinion doesn’t count)

    I’d just like to mention to you that it would be better if you got your name around the community a bit more before applying. I doubt many admins know you and considering your overall hours I would recommend you try to get them higher. Also I’d like to mention that recommendations are important, if you have none, you may be risking admins not knowing who you are.

    Anyway, good luck with your application


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    Server Administrator

    Heya SuperChicken,

    I must agree with Bub’s statement with the fact that you do need to be more well known within the community and with the Staff members, it allows us to find out whether or not someone is capable of becoming an admin. Without that knowledge, it’s impossible to determine if someone should or shouldn’t become one of the Staff team. Your hours are relatively decent for someone to apply, but those hours have been spent in the shadows.

    Overall, try to speak up a little more and try to be more apart of the people in the community and its Staff.

    Overall Verdict: No.
    Good luck on your application,

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    Server Administrator

    Hey SuperChicken962
    I’ve been playing on deathrun a lot more in the more recent days, and I’ve seen you on quite a bit. You have a decent amount of hours, and you’re online quite often. My biggest issue with you, unfortunately, is that you’re really just not very notable or well known at this point. I’d really suggest contributing to conversation on the server, perhaps making friends with other players, and just making yourself better known in general.
    I think you’ll be able to do this. Until then, it’s a maybe.

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    Alright, hello

    I have seen you fairly active on our servers, and you have a decent number of hours. I do notice that you are somewhat active in the server chat, but like xeno has mentioned, I think you can try to speak more, and I know you’re familiar with our rules. If you do keep it up, I think you’ll be able to eventually get in.

    Final verdict: No

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    Server Administrator

    Howdy SuperChicken

    I do see you on the servers quite a lot but I hardly ever see you talking and engaging with other players. And like others have said try to get more well-known throughout the community.

    I will be saying No

    Good luck on your application.

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    Dr. Neptune
    Server Administrator

    Hello SuperChicken
    I have seen you on DeathRun and you have been reporting a player that is doing the wrong thing, but you still need to enforce the rules and get well known to community and staff members well.

    Final Decision: No.

    Best Of Luck on your application.
    Dr. Neptune

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    Thanks for your advice everyone! i will make sure to do those things next time when i apply.
    Im sorry to say now but i think i should say it now then later but im 13 and not 15 i just didn’t think i would get accepted but then i looked at saturns’ application and regreted it.
    Im really sorry please forgive me

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    G’day SuperChicken962.

    Forging your age to be higher than what it is isn’t so much of a crime, but that does raise a red flag in the trust area. Though, this is simply a minor case of the classic “Older = Mature.”

    I haven’t been able to hear you speak often, and therefore, cannot give you a proper answer. I don’t usually “follow the herd” but on this one, it seems as though you could be more interactive with the community. It’s understandable if you’re shy, but as a moderator, you’re gonna be talking with a LOT of people.

    My vote on your application will be a No.

    That being said.
    Adios, amigos.

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