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    Steam Name
    ken ~


    16 years old turning 17 in Feb 2018.

    Steam ID

    About Yourself
    I consider myself as a friendly and fun player to chill with. I am good at what I do and know what I’m doing. I do have a mic and use it when it is necessary. I know how to deal with people that try to ruin the game. I started playing on Transit, and I love this community already. you n me we cool…

    Why do you think you should be on the team?
    I think I would be useful on the team even as a moderator, is because I think I could be a great help. Be active on the server and control everyone. Deal with people that try to ruin the game so that everyone else get a fair play, fun and a high gaming experience. Further more, I honestly don’t know all the staff and don’t think they know me. But I think this would really change soon. Hope you consider this. I also said before, I love Transit. I think this is a fast growing community. I would like to be on the team to see this community grow day by day and to be a part of the family.

    Skills and Traits
    ~ Knowledgeable on basic Commands
    ~ Have a standard Microphone
    ~ Good understanding of how things work
    ~ Good previous / current admin experiences.
    ~ Basic server developing / managing.
    ~ Also a designer.

    Staff Recommendation
    None so far.

    Big thank for reading my application and help you would consider it. Churs!

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    Server Administrator

    #kenforowner xd

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    Server Administrator

    Howdy Ken

    I have no clue who you are. I recommend getting to know the staff members and become more well-known in the community before applying for moderator. Also try playing the servers regularly.

    I will be saying No.

    Good luck on your application.

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    Server Administrator

    Ken is from Airborne Delta xd

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    from many, not just from AD :’)

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    Dr. Neptune
    Server Administrator

    Hello ken, I have readed your application, it seems to me that i don’t see you on any servers, also i don’t see any hours on any servers as well on the Website for F&T Servers and please be on all servers, before applying for moderator and you need to get well-known to the community and the staff members.

    I will be giving you a No.

    Best Of Luck on your application.
    Dr. Neptune

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    Alright, hello

    I have briefly seen you on the servers, but as Meep and Neptune have mentioned, you should try to get to know the staff and community better by playing the servers more. That way, the staff will get to see if they can trust you enough to be on the team. Your reasons and skills & traits do seem pretty good, especially since you do have experience with being staff and managing servers (hear dat, Transit), but we would like to see it in person. I think you can be a capable staff member, but you will have to build a good rep first.

    Final verdict : No

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    Server Administrator

    Hello Ken
    You certainly seem well known in a very specific group of players from the airborne delta community. However, I have literally never seen you on any of our servers, and from what i can gather from other replies, not many other members of staff have either. If you wish to join our team I strongly suggest you actually play on our servers and make some friends in the community before applying.


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    G’day Ken.

    Due to my inactivity on the servers, I wouldn’t be able to give you a genuine answer (Though GameTracker confirms your low amount of hours on our servers.) It seems as though the reoccurring message from the staff is spending more time on the servers. I’ll keep it short and simple. Getting to know the staff team AND getting their recommendation is a definite way to start. As well as showing yourself and being friends with other players in the community.

    My vote on your application will be a No. But it is encouraged you spend a bit more time to play and get to know everyone.

    Adios, amigos.

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