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    Steam Name – Hoodchild

    Gender – Male

    Age – 18

    Steam ID – STEAM_0:0:45526683
    [Find it the website for it here]

    About Yourself – I am a very friendly player. I am liked by all players, and I enjoy the servers. I commonly give advice and make sure I never step a toe out of line.

    Why do you think you should be on the team? – Experience. I use to own FYRE-G. A large Australian community which specialized in Jailbreak

    Skills and Traits – Creating and running servers/plugins. I have experience with literally every command and how to deal with unruly playeers

    Staff Recommendation – None

    Conclusion [?] – I hope that my application has shown that I have what it takes to become an admin on the servers

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    Seems a bit tiny

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    (I am not a staff of the froth and transit group)
    i do agree Jumber It is pretty small. doesnt look like much work has been put into your application

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    I’m not an admin but, you have been abusing your donator and the community agrees.

    You have been rude to the rest of the community and I don’t know what will happen in the future.

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    Gl my nibba

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    Server Administrator

    Alright, hello

    I do see you on the servers, but you do tend to get rude to most people. I also haven’t seen you really reminding people of the rules, when they’re broken.

    Final verdict : No

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