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    Steam Name
    – Cardz

    – Male

    – 13

    Steam ID
    – STEAM_0:1:47002428

    About Me
    I am a 13 year old friendly boy who is addicted to games and has been hoping to earn admin or mod on any server or game for about 2 years now. i am also into digital drawing art since i got a drawing tablet for Christmas. I am in high school moving into year 8. My main server on tf2 is F&T

    Why do i think i should be staff on the F&T servers?
    i think i would make a staff to the team because, i am able to deal with rule breaking exploiting mic spamming etc players. i am currently friends with a decent amount of staff and am willing to do what must be done.

    Traits And Skills
    – I understand most commands e.g /kill @all, /mute /gag etc.
    – I have clear microphone that i use occasionally
    – i am active mostly on the deathrun server but i do hop onto FF2
    Deathrun: 170+
    FF2: 7+ ;-;
    DodgeBall: 1.53 -_-

    I have currently NO reccomendations

    To end this application of i will be thanking you all for your time and will be hoping for the best! signing out ~Cardz

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    (note i am not a staff) I do see you on the servers regularly and ive never seen you break the rules. The only downfall is you have a short app but other than than that I would give this a good ‘yes‘!
    Good luck nibba!

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    Server Administrator

    Alright, hello

    I do see you often on the servers, and you do remind others of the rules when they’re broken. You’re also friendly towards other players. Also, your FF2 hours might be lowered due to the change in the IP address, so you might have had more hours. Though I do think you could come on more often, I think you could improve on this if you become staff.

    Final verdict: Yes

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      Thank You :]

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